Long Exposure


I’ve been wanting to have a go at long exposure photography for quite some time now and after having a neutral density filter for Christmas, I had no excuses not to try…

Long Exposure Ards 012

This was my first attempt of creating a long exposure waterfall shot using a 10 stop ND Filter. It created a rather surreal effect by making the moving water misty looking.

Long Exposure Ards 008.JPG

A pier shot taken with a Canon 1100D with an 18-55mm lens, with a 10 stop Neutral Density filter attached. With the shutter speed slowed down to around 30 seconds I managed to blur both the cloud and sea movements.

My next shots will be of sunsets/ sunrises in colour.

Busy Bee!

bird photography newtownards 041

While out walking my dog along the local beach, I came across some tall wild purple flowers, which attracted a number of bee’s. I quickly made my way home, grabbed my Canon 1100D camera and managed to take a few decent enough captures of these amazing creatures.

Bees and flowers 058

Above view of a busy bee collecting pollen, which came out really well considering I only had my 75-300mm lens fitted to the Canon 1100D.

Bees and flowers 024

Bee preparing to land on flowers, again taken with the Canon 1100D and 75-300mm lens.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the above images so I can improve my technique.


Thanks for looking!

Just another new year?

20141231_174346 (1)


New Years eve and new year means different things to different people. Some people don’t think anything of it and treat it like any other day, others hate the hype and stay in and others use it just to party and have a good time. For me and my amazing wife 2014 has been a real mixed bag, with some very good and exciting things happening mixed with some very testing moments.

So what was new years eve like for me and my family as a whole? In picture format I am going to sum up my experience.


The evening started off at a local newly opened restaurant in Ards, County Down, NI which took a staff member several minutes just to find our name on the booking sheet. Not a good start especially when my wife had to point out our name and table number.

20141231_194455 20141231_194446 (1) 20141231_195704

As the menu wasn’t that extensive or creative we all ordered our main courses and finally started to enjoy the cuisine even though the staff forgot about our drinks to begin with.

20141231_202844 20141231_202729 20141231_203038

From left to right my youngest looking so natural as usual when I point the camera at her, Mamma Crowe (mother-in -law) and Ray checking out the dessert menu and my wife and Leah her sister enjoying their own company as usual.


Emma and Demi clearly lapping up the moment as well as the food and drink.

After a relatively disappointing experience at this new restaurant we decided to head back to Mamma Crowe’s house to see the new year through. Pretty much the usual was to follow with the TV on BBC 2 for Jools Holland’s Hootenanny a game of charades which us lads lost in dramatic style to the girls and then hearing Big Ben see the new year through with it’s recognisable chime, with a drink in the hand singing daft songs.

Yes it appears that I have experienced the typical new years eve that many experience every year, but wait! For me this was all about being with the people that I care about most and what 2015 holds for my wife and I. Things have developed for both of us in 2014 to help build on opportunities in 2015 such as new writing opportunities for my wife and a couple of new and exciting photography projects for myself.

So it could be just another new year for us, if we continue life without taking opportunities and making something of them. A new year for me is about getting rid of useless things in our lives (cleaning out the closet so to speak) and creating new opportunities with positive ideas.

What about you?

From a Musicians Perspective


Music has always been in my blood whether it is playing it or listening to it being played. I had the pleasure if being involved with a photo shoot for a family a while ago and one of them just happened to be a violinist. This gave me an opportunity to experiment with camera angles and perspectives and this shot was one that pleased me the most.

I was more interested in focusing on the foreground and creating a smooth bokeh effect at the backround. The black and white or mono tone gave it a much better atmosphere. Overall I was quite pleased with the shot though in time I feel there is room for improvement with the use of better lenses and lighting to assist.

Dark Side of the Apple


I never thought that taking photos of an apple would be so interesting, but on a lazy Sunday afternoon this little red fella kept me ocupied for a while. Now some of you could be thinking that I don’t get out much or small things please small minds, but that’s fine as I really did enjoy shooting something simple for a change.

This particular apple caught my attention when shopping with my wife in a local supermarket. With its bright shiny red colouring, this prompted me to buy it, so I could use it as a photographic subject. I did get a strange glare from my wife, but I bought it anyway. At that moment I only had the Canon 18-55mm kit lens to use for the task, but to my surprise it did quite an ok job. Spraying water on its surface to create droplets gave it a cool effect when lighting was used. With a bit of patience and an hour or two to spare on a Sunday afternoon, I got the shot I was looking for and a lot of fun with the camera in the process. Even the wife was impressed! 😉

I would love to hear other peoples experiences with their cameras and what unusual subjects they have chose to photograph. 😉






The friendship bond between one another can be strong but it’s not limited to just people. I’ve often seen a strong bond between horse and rider, which is in most cases as strong as it is between two people.

The above picture was taken as part of a photo shoot in Northern Ireland and the friendship bond is evidently strong in this image. Throughout the photo session both horse and rider worked together in unity and photographing them was a pleasure. To see more images feel free to click on the link above.

Thanks for your time to look! 😉