Turning Point!

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I would like to share with you today how I became involved in photography on a more professional way and also what it means to me. This blog is more about what photography has done for me and how much of an impact it has in my life today.

Well! oddly enough I can thank an illness for partly directing me towards photography. A couple of years ago I fell ill while working for a company in Belfast and wasn’t getting any better by anything the medical profession could through at me. After a lengthy time back and forth to the doctors I was forced to take voluntary redundancy, which left me with two options, either sit around the house and feel worse for myself or do something to stimulate me and help me feel better for myself.

That Christmas my lovely wife bought me the gift of a lifetime and it came in a small box with Canon written on it. Yes she had bought me a DSLR camera and since then it has never left my hands.
Now for the really interesting part! Where doctors and medication had failed to help me, the camera had started to do something to me inside. My whole way of thinking about the world we live in was challenged. Taking a picture of a sunset, a bird in flight or what we call a simple flower and then uploading it onto the computer screen just filled me with awe. I started even appreciating Seagulls for goodness sake!
171a south rock
The very birds that used to annoy me when walking with a bag of chips on a promenade were now encouraging me to take pictures of them. This wasn’t a bad thing, as it was quite a challenge at first to get that perfect shot of one while it was in flight, without it looking blurred or over/ under exposed. Over the first few months, I’d used the camera nearly every day to capture wildlife and landscape shots. I found by using the manual setting on the camera, it pushed my photography skills (or lack of) to extremes.
While at a bridal show somewhere in deepest Co Down, Northern Ireland I fell in love with a picture that one of the exhibitor photographers took. It was a picture of a bride and groom walking beneath the dark hedges, near Ballymoney. You may think what’s so special about that? Well it was covered in snow and to me it looked just amazing and by far the most striking picture there. I got to know this photographer and later on in the day he invited me to his studio and taught me the three most important rules of photography, ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. He said “You wouldn’t believe the amount of so called pro- photographers that get these fundamental basics wrong”. I learnt far more in that one day than ever before.
Getting back to the picture that impressed me, to take a shot like that in the snow is very tricky. It is so easy to get things wrong with over exposure. He got it so right!
Sunset near kearney 039
When I trek through the local countryside with camera in hand, taking shots of the local fauna and flora, it gives me such a buzz and I always come back with a huge smile on my face. Then I get home and upload them into Lightroom and start editing each one ready to put onto the likes of Twitter or Facebook social sites, for sharring to the public.

The areas of photography I cover would be commercial & product, portrait (both pet and family) and equine. They would be my bread and butter. If you were to ask me my preferred choices then they would be Landscape, Macro, Wildlife. As they are all so very different from one another, there are many different challenges from each of them. If truth be told, I enjoy all aspects of photography.
019-2 025 046
Well that’s a small insight on how and why I chose photography as a profession and hope that what I have written may help someone change the direction of their life for the better or just simply take up photography as an extra hobby.

Thank you for reading my blog and enjoy capturing your favourite subjects 😉

2 thoughts on “Turning Point!

  1. Just finished reading your blog. Really found it interesting to say the least. It’s always amazing what time is spent between a man and his camera and what the results are. Good luck to you and your wifel get some good shots.

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