Titanic Quarter Light Show


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A spectacular light show illuminated the new Titanic Belfast building on Saturday 7th April 2012, as the city continued with its centenary celebrations of the liner’s doomed maiden voyage.

The show, which included synchronised pyrotechnics and 3D graphics, took inspiration from all stages of the Titanic’s story – from the ship’s construction right through to her sinking, with the tragic loss of over 1,500 people and my wife and I were there to experience it.
I remember standing there as the light of day dimmed and trance music roared from the PA system, which was awesome in itself.
I set up my tripod and camera eagerly waiting for the big show with my lovely wife.
Thousands attended the show which lasted around 40 minutes and we managed to get right at the front and what a view we had.
I managed to capture the whole show from start to finish and every projected image was caught on the lens of my camera.
One man, who hails from Ballymena, said the show was “spectacular” and described Belfast as a “great city.”
“The city’s beautiful and seeing this tonight is fantastic,” he added.
Another man said the event was “a good advert for the city.”
“I love fireworks – the fireworks were really good,” he said.
“I liked the way the atmosphere built in it.”
Earlier, police issued a traffic warning due to the large volume of people expected to attend the event, but we never had any issues travelling both in or out of Belfast. They asked motorists to allow extra time for their journey and to use public transport where possible.
After the show had finished I couldn’t praise the organisers enough and shared my thoughts with passers-by and some members of security. A great night to remember and I will cherish it forever. This is what Belfast needs more of, not the drivel that the media announce about this fine city and its people. Yes there are some folk who just want to drag up the dirty past, but believe me, they are a minority judging by what I hear and see.
Well done Belfast City Council and the team who created this spectacular show.
Please give us more……..

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