BOAT WRECKS….a resting place for old timers.

Resting place


All images are my own and can only be used with permission by myself. I decided to start the new year by introducing my camera to a couple of sites that have been drawing me for quite some time. Yes I love wildlife and landscape photography, but I had done so much of it over the years that I just wanted to capture something a little different. I remember a photographer I know having a picture on his wall of a boat-wreck. I asked where it was taken and much to my surprise it was just up the road from where I lived. The next day I drove down to take a look and there it was, but the tide was in and made it difficult to get the right shot, so nothing was taken that day. That was about two years ago and finally one day last week I made the decision to try and capture this old relic in a way which would give it some credit.
On the way down I took the coastal road from where I lived and as I approached my destination, I noticed sitting on a beach, a small lobster catcher. The car breaks were deployed and reverse gear selected. After parking up Florence (my wife’s choice of name for our car) I walked down to where this little basket was sat. At this point the sun was just peaking over the horizon so I acted quickly and threw down my jacket and caught a fine angle shot of this simple but interesting subject.
005 062
Even though I didn’t take many shots, it gave me great satisfaction for a subject that would normally be overlooked and started the day very well indeed. I jumped back in my car and continued the journey to the beach wreck.
I pulled up at the location and the moment was set. The tide was out, sand wet and the sun was rising up from the Irish Sea, glistening across the wet sand. I walked down to where she lay, threw down my waterproof jacket yet again onto the sand and lay down to capture this old sea veteran from a very low angle. It turns out that this was one of many old fishing boats that were set alight at the end of their working life, but the owners of this boat decided to bury her under the sandy beach. But over the years nature decided to expose her hull once again to the elements and now she sits there for all to see. I took several shots actually at various angles, but the one I was most happy with was the one you see here at the top of this blog. It’s not a large wreck, but its curvy shape makes it an interesting subject.
059 034
After spending an hour or so I decided to move on and check out a couple of wrecks that have been drawing my camera lens attention for quite some time. Every day I passed them I said to myself that I must get out there one day. As they are sat on boggy marsh, it makes walking over to them a bit tricky. I did get stuck a couple of times but that’s what photography is partly about, by stepping up to the challenge for those tempting captures.

064 056 038
Again it was perfect timing as the tide was way out and I managed to pull off some great shots of these two old wooden wrecks.
This is partly what makes living here so satisfying. It has so much culture and history along with great sandy beaches, but that is a separate blog for another day.
I have only put a small selection of photos onto this blog, but other images can be seen on both my Twitter and Facebook pages.
Thank you for spending the time to read this blog. As you can gather I am not a professional writer (I leave that job to my lovely wife), but my passion is photography and I love nothing more than sharing my passion with others!

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