A website to be proud of… finally!


Visit http://www.stevereesphotographyni.co.uk

Ever thought of building your own web site to compliment your work or products? Well I did and it almost sent me insane along the way, but after all that I went through to achieve my goal, I can finally see and feel the benefits of building it myself.

In reality it should only take two to three weeks to build a site as large as the one I have just completed, but it has been a long two painstaking years that to be honest I didn’t need. Why did it take two years to build it, you may ask? Well firstly I am NOT a web developer/ designer, I am a photographer and over the last two years, I changed the look of the site four times from colour schemes to layouts and between all that, other work projects had to be completed. The main reason why it took me so long though was quite simply boredom. I just couldn’t motivate myself to finish it.

There was nothing wrong with the software I was using or the computer, it was just the case of my heart wasn’t in it. All I wanted to do was take my camera out and capture the world through the lens. Throughout the two years I had thoughts of just handing it over to someone who actually new how to put together my site in a fraction of the time it has taken me. Then I kept thinking to myself “but I wouldn’t have done it”, so I kept plugging away at it. I finally got to the stage of liking what I saw, with colours and layout back a few months ago and decided that this was it, stopped messing with it and started adding the final touches. Now that the site is finished I guess the only sensible thing to do is get it published to the web and let it do its work by promoting my photography.

I guess if there is any moral to this post then it would be this… if you can’t be bothered to build your own web site and have the spare cash to pay somebody you can trust to build it for you in the way you want it to look, then go ahead. If however you have the drive and determination to build it your self and you don’t mind it taking almost an eternity then that’s the route for you. Just be aware of the headaches and frustrations that lie ahead of you.  All I have to do now is upload it for the world to see… yippee!

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