Enchanted evening



“Special photographic moments”

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One balmy summer evening, whilst sitting in the sun room of my country home, my wife frantically ran in shouting “grab your camera and get a shot of this quickly!” I grabbed my Camera and tripod then ran outside and saw the most amazing view of the sun setting over the distant trees which gave them a golden glow effect, whilst lighting up the sky with rich burnt colours. I couldn’t believe that this was happening directly outside the front of our home. It looked like a scene from a fantasy film. Its times like this that help me appreciate where I live more than I already do.

While setting up the tripod and camera I noticed what looked like mosquitoes flying between the trees. This made the shot even more interesting and gave the picture an enchanted feel. After taking several shots I packed up all the equipment and headed to my office to download the pictures into Lightroom for some very light touching up and then saving it into one of the photography folders. The picture you see above was one of two that I was extremely happy with and decided to use. The other picture had the trees in the backround in focus, but my wife who is an expert critic told me that this was the better of the two. Who was I to argue, as I’m just the photographer I thought! After showing this image to others, we discussed that it was the better of the two and was ready for displaying in exhibitions and galleries.

The one most important thing that this did show me is that you should always have your camera nearby, as you never know when you may need it for those special one off shots. It could be anything from a nature shot to a portrait shot of a child. I guess like all photographers, my portfolio of pictures has many of those special moment shots.  If there are any photographers out there reading this feel the want to share any special moment shots that you nearly didn’t get, then please feel free to send me one. I would love to see them.

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