Husky puppy photo shoot


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I was asked to do a photo shoot for a couple from Newtownards, Northern Ireland, who had acquired a wee Husky pup. I agreed drove up to where they lived with my camera equipment. He was a great looking dog and I nearly came away from that house with something extra other than my camera equipment. He was such a cute wee thing and his name was Rocco.

As you would expect from a Husky he was full of energy and mischief and it wasn’t easy photographing him as a result. In the end we had to put him on top of his cage, as he doesn’t know how to jump off it yet.

007-3 019-4

As the above picture shows, Rocco loved to chew his blanket, which made a great few poses for the camera.


Yet again he continued to chew his blanket and gave us the hart warming pose of the night. As usual when I photograph animals, it was all about having a little more patience than if you were photographing people, but he finally started to give me some more great poses.


The above shot was caught just at the right time and I had to be so quick. I thought that it deserved the black & white touch and it paid off with great contrast between light and dark shades.

013-2 027-2

My final two shots were also both in black & white and taken at different angles compared to previous shots. He really showed off his cute puppy looks and was a complete heart melter. I was so tempted to carry him back to the car, but with two cats and a Beagle of my own it might have been a bit of a handful in the house.

I work in the Belfast, North Down and Ards areas and I’m looking for new talent to photograph for my new web site. The dogs that I’m looking for are Pug, Great Dane and Boxer.

Cats that I am looking for would be Bengal, Siamese, Norwegian forest cat  and Burmese.

I am also looking for some new horse action shots and would love to hear from anyone who would be up for a photo shoot with their horse.

If you or someone you know is thinking of having photo’s done of your dog, cat or horse then contact me. I would be happy to help out and there is no pressure to buy any prints either. In return I will email you some pictures to keep on your computer as a thank you.

Thanks for looking and I hope Rocco warmed your heart as much as he did mine.

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