The Inner Peace Award (My thoughts on inner peace)



I’ve been nominated by Karen Heidi Rees for the inner peace award. The only rule for accepting it is that you answer the following question: Why I’m Accepting The Inner Peace Award. Then you pass it on to other bloggers, you decide how many!


Inner peace means different things to different people, be it having financial stability and being able to have two holidays a year, finding that perfect partner or just simply living in the right part of the world and having a reliable source of friends around them. My inner peace would be with me mostly when I am out among creation with the camera. Ever since I was a young lad I have had this deep fascination for astronomy and the living world around me, wondering how it all came to be what it is today. Photography has played a big part in more recent times, by capturing some amazing images of the world around us and beyond.

Macro photography has helped me appreciate the smaller things in life that would normally  be overlooked, such as this image below of this Butterfly on a leaf.


You don’t appreciate the detail of these tiny creatures until you capture them on photograph like this and study them. Seeing the colours and detail of their wings and body shapes fascinates me even more. How can they fly like they do? why does everything seem to work together?

Astronomy on the other hand captivated me for very different reasons, such as size of objects in the universe and the vast distances between them. I remember in a classroom at school, a few friends and myself had a discussion about whether or not  the universe has an end to it. We were only eleven years old, but our minds came up with all sorts of theories from the universe is in a huge bubble, to it being surrounded by a giant wall. Then we asked ourselves, if this was the case then what is beyond the wall or bubble skin? None of us could answer that question. We could see the end of our table we sat on and the end of the classroom we were in and the perimeter of the school field and beyond, but we couldn’t take in the fact that the universe will never have an end or perimeter.

This image of a nebula below is one of billions throughout the universe and is so far away that we could never visit it in our life time.


This got me thinking that is it possible for all this to be just a random accident or was it all cleverly planned and executed?

I decided for myself without any influence from others that everything around us which we can see and can’t see is a product of a great and creative architect. I know many people have their own ideas about the concept of a god and even the thought of no God at all, but for me my inner peace is knowing that a great and mighty God has my life and the universe under total control and it is not until I walk away from Him, life starts to go all pear shaped, much the same when we walk away from our parent in the street and become lost and alone. This has happened many times for me and still is happening, but I know His spirit is always within me. The peace of God is like a compass for our souls, leading us in the direction that the Holy Spirit intends for our lives. 

This is not to say that I have total inner peace all of the time, as there are moments when I stray off course and be anxious and full of worry, but in times of real trouble I will meditate and pray in quietness and a strange peace will come over me. This can happen to me anywhere from walking along our local beach to sitting in the living room or when I’m out with the camera in the wilderness.

I have looked back at all that has happened to me in my life such as loosing a child before they were born to financial problems to job losses, to loosing a loved one to cancer and yet I have a roof over my head, food on the table a fabulous wife and three amazing daughters and I’m still breathing. I also know that my inner peace is a little part of a grand architect who created the universe, who is The Holy Spirit.

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