Interview with a Photographer 

 Lucy image surfers


Each month I discuss with different photographers about what makes them tick in the world of photography, their influences and how they came about doing what they do. This month I am talking to Lucy Yearham.


About the photographer:  Lucy Yearham, mum of Ethan and Joshua and wife to Mark. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  I have always loved black & white and music photography, I eventually took the plunge and decided to learn the art of photography at college a couple of years ago. I have not looked back.


Q1. What or who inspired you to do photography in the first place?


Annie Leibovitz was a favourite  photographer, she has real emotion in her portrait  and music photography work. Also  I saw a documentary about Jay Maisel another American photographer, his simplicity  appeals to me.  I think a lot of people over think it, he just walks out into the streets of New York with one lense and snaps.


A1.  Q2. What kind of gear do you use?


Camera body – I use a Nikon D3200.


Lenses -I have a Nikon 50mm portrait


Tamron 90mm Macro


Nikon 55-200mm telephoto


Nikon 18-55mm


Tripod –  Velbon CX 540


Filters –  I have a polarizing , an ND filter for moods/water and a basic UV.


Flash – I have no additional flash to date, when practising portraits I use an Interfit studio set.


Camera bag – Dura Gadget.


Mention others, if any.


I always carry extra SD, battery,  a wipe  for my lenses and  my remote control for less shake if using tripod.


Q3. What inspires you generally when it comes to photography?


A3. Music, light, the colours and contrast of  landscapes,  the shape and movement of flowers in the breeze, seasons,  feminine and masculine lines, sunsets and sunrises, there are certain lights that are so moody or in contrast light and romantic.


Q4. What does photography mean to you?


A4. For me it is seeing beauty in the world and being able to share it. I enjoy the whole process from taking the picture to uploading, editing, sharing or printing.  It is my motivation and passion. Photography allows me to be free flowing, artistic and unprepared. It is everything to me and my future goals.


Q5. Which is your favorite lens? Why


A5. My favourite lense  is definitely the Macro 90mm.  I love to photograph flowers and it captures them and the light surrounding so beautifully, also the way it magnifies insects really fascinates me, some macro shots I have seen are just out of this world.


Q6. What is your biggest accomplishment in this field?


A6.  As I have said I’m new but Paul Steele  asking me to showcase my surf pictures and write about them for his online travel mag ‘The bald Hiker’ is up there with helping the local school with shots for their publicity  brochure and posters.  Being asked to do this interview is lovely. I  am currently working on a fine art website for my photography and would like to enter some competitions as I progress.


Q7.  Whose work has influenced you most?


A7. A lady called Shannon Howard. She is a Californian  photographer. Her work is very  simple , feminine and beautiful.  She does a lot of surf  pictures and although my stuff is very different to hers I really love what she does. It is very important to me to  stay individual and just  do my own thing.


Q8.  Do you have a favorite time of year for photographing?


A8.  I could easily pick something from every season but there is nothing quite like a balmy summer evening with heat bouncing from the road and orange/pink shades in the sky for me.


Q9. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?


A9. Still travelling down that road.  I learn something new every day. I learn from doing. You have to get out there. But the main thing for me is it is all about the light, getting the best shots means going out not when you want to but when the light says you have to. I also firmly believe if I don’t feel moved by it I struggle to photograph it. I’m an emotional photographer.


Q10. 35mm or Digital? And Why?


A10. I would like to learn it all eventually but digital because it’s all I know. igi


Q11. Twitter or Facebook? Why?


A11. TI have a lot of artistic friends that love photography or are photographers on twitter. It is where I have gained most support.


Q12. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?


A12. My favourite photograph is of four surfers down in Crantock Bay, Cornwall. I just like the composition, the light at sunset, and the whole story to it.

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