Newtownards Military Day


On Saturday the 21st of June 2014, Ards Borough Council helped organise a military show for the people of Newtownards and surrounding areas. Considering that this was a free event, it turned out to be a major success and very enjoyable. Here are a few photo’s of the show.

 030 033

The famous Bedford Green Godess fire engine looking as fantastic as ever and a row of army landrovers in various colour schemes to suit all situations.

036 026

A genuine piece of American muscle, the GMC troop carrier truck, looking so impressive and above right a British army truck of the same era.

042 043

This isn’t me after a few too many, but a medical manikin in the back of a military ambulance. Local children getting to grips with the army versions of radio controlled vehicles.

055-2 123

Pilots of the Soko Kraguj and Jet Provost chill before they take to the air, but one seems a little too chilled. Jet Provost pilot waves to us as he taxis up the runway, just before take off.

135 162

Jet Provost looking impressive taking off into the blue. This was and still is a fine trainer jet. Here it is landing after an elegant flight display.

068 100

A Yak 52 in flight with smoke bellowing out, while to the right I caught it on camera as it landed with just the last of the smoke display.

166 177

Extreme Evil preparing for take off with impressive orange and black markings. Note orange at the propeller tips. Right pic shows the Extreme Evil climbing rapidly with display smoke.

187 172

Extreme Evil flying almost sideways and displaying smoke, in the blue sky. After an impressive display in the air, the Extreme Evil finally makes it’s landing.

057 211

An ex 1942 Spanish Airforce Bucker Jungmann parked next to another aircraft, while an ex 1917 Royal Flying Corps SE5a biplane fighter does it’s aerial display in slow old timer fashion.

209 221

A Catalina flying boat looking like a scorpion in attack mode preparing to take off on the runway. This was the highlight of the show for me personally and when in the air, looked so graceful and commanding.

218 255

Black & white print of this magnificent patrol aircraft in the air. Just caught the Catalina landing while wheels touching down and smoking.

045 262

RAF helicopter in the midst of the public, while family members checking out a field gun.

270 272

These diggers were much larger than my old Tonka toys and gave a very impressive display, while two soldiers talk to themselves near a camouflaged tent.

266 269

Old Austin car looking so sweet among the military machinery, while this Jeep stood out with its desert colours.


Two girls chilling out on top of this Landrover with desert colours, while next is arguably the greatest 4 x 4 ever made, if not for its technology it is for its achievements. Lastly a couple of soldiers comparing hats and no prizes for guessing who won the competition for the largest!

273 274

The day coming to a close, as people start to make their way out of the airfield. A selection of army vehicles in a line, which included a wee caravan that seemed to attract a lot of attention somehow.

Overall the day was a total success for me and Mr Canon, who was focused throughout the day on various bits of machinery. I have to give credit to Ards Council for helping to organise this show with no entry fee. Well done to all involved. 😉

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