Unknown Destination

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Not really sure why I decided to write this post, but I guess it is something different to the norm for me and maybe that’s a good enough reason to do so.

Have you ever stopped to think about what is really waiting for you beyond this world, after you give your last breath? Try to imagine what it will be like when you are lying there on your deathbed, knowing that any moment now you could just slip away into an endless sleep. What kind of things do you think you will be experiencing? What sort of thoughts will be going through your mind? and will you be fearing the unknown or feeling calm knowing exactly where you are going?

I was out with the camera back last year and I came across a couple of old graveyards and derelict churches and decided to take a few shots. As I  walked around the graves I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of lives these people led, what they experienced at that transitional period between life and death and where they were at this moment in time.


There has always been big debates on what happens to us when we pass away on our deathbed. Some believe we just simply end our life and that is that, with our bodies decaying back into the earth. Some believe in reincarnation, where our soul re-lives as someone or something else and others believe that we have an afterlife. Some believe in eternal damnation for the wicked in a place where peoples flesh will continuously burn and pain and misery will be with them for eternity. Others then believe in a Heavenly place of peace and joy for the ones who chose that path. There are many other beliefs that people take on but you get the picture. One things for sure, we all for some strange reason lose 21 grams in weight after we give our final breath and no explanation has been given to why.


Lately I have been thinking about what will happen to me after I pass away more frequently than ever before. Maybe it’s because I am 3 years from half a century old. It would be interesting to know what people who don’t have a faith or don’t believe in any religion feel about the subject. And what would the thoughts of an atheist be on their own deathbed? And how does someone who believes in Jesus Christ actually feel at peace on their deathbed when the time comes? I know we will never know the thoughts of all who have passed away, yet there have been some who have shared their final moment  just before they leave their loved ones.

I lost my first wife to cancer at the age of 34 back in 2002 and moments before she slipped away she had a real peaceful look on her face, as if she knew where she was going to. About 18 months after that day something supernatural happened to me. This experience showed me a couple of things about our lives.

Firstly, not everything that happens in our lives is natural or physical and there are unseen forces at work, that neither man nor science can explain.

Secondly, if you have experienced anything supernatural then it is very personal to you and cannot be taken away from you by anyone, even if others don’t believe it.

Thirdly, I experienced an unearthly moment of my life that gave me a peace in my heart about where my first wife is and what she is experiencing Even though I can’t explain it fully, I know it was something very special and out of the ordinary, which was soothing result of an emotional and difficult night for me.

I would be grateful to anyone who would spend a moment to give some feedback on what their thoughts are on this subject, so feel free to write them in the comments box below and thank you for spending the time to read this post. 🙂

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