Canon or Nikon?



Before I got serious about photography I told my wife “If ever you decided to buy me a camera as a gift, please make sure it is either a Canon or a Nikon”

It was something that I was so  adamant about, simply because they had such a great range of bodies and lenses, but more importantly they are so dominant within the professional world. The one thing that baffled me was to see the amount of seriously harsh arguments with brutal words thrown back and forth in forums, about which one was best. Personally I just didn’t get it, as it is personal choice at the end of the day. I personally didn’t mind which one I had, as I knew I had a huge learning curve ahead of me anyway. My personal camera choice was down to my wife’s long and extensive research, asking many professional photographers which camera would be ideal for my needs.

For me personally there are flaws in both manufacturers models and it’s the case of getting the best out of each camera and dealing with these flaws the best way I can. To be honest, I have seen astoundingly good and bad images from both, which has shown me that it is simply down to the user on the day.

The reason for me writing this post is to ask Nikon/ Canon owners why they decided to buy their respective cameras.

Please feel free to leave your choice of camera and reasons why you decided to go for this choice.


Thank you!

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