Dark Side of the Apple


I never thought that taking photos of an apple would be so interesting, but on a lazy Sunday afternoon this little red fella kept me ocupied for a while. Now some of you could be thinking that I don’t get out much or small things please small minds, but that’s fine as I really did enjoy shooting something simple for a change.

This particular apple caught my attention when shopping with my wife in a local supermarket. With its bright shiny red colouring, this prompted me to buy it, so I could use it as a photographic subject. I did get a strange glare from my wife, but I bought it anyway. At that moment I only had the Canon 18-55mm kit lens to use for the task, but to my surprise it did quite an ok job. Spraying water on its surface to create droplets gave it a cool effect when lighting was used. With a bit of patience and an hour or two to spare on a Sunday afternoon, I got the shot I was looking for and a lot of fun with the camera in the process. Even the wife was impressed! 😉

I would love to hear other peoples experiences with their cameras and what unusual subjects they have chose to photograph. 😉



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