Me Honeymoon pic B & W

My name is Steve Rees and welcome to my blog!
I’m a photographer living on the beautiful Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland, where I spend most of my time behind the lens eyeing up the local talent. This consists mainly of coastal birds like Gulls, Oyster Catchers, Sandpipers and Curlew’s along with numerous others.
I live here with my lovely wife Karen and youngest daughter Emma Leah, who has also taken an interest in photography and has acquired her mums old Canon Powershot.
My interest in photography started when I was around 12 years old and was given my dads old Kodak 35mm camera, but it turned serious when I acquired a Canon DSLR.
I suppose wildlife, Macro and landscapes would be my real passion in the photography world simply because it is like venturing into the unknown from day to day. You just never know what opportunities are awaiting you. Macro photography to me is the most fascinating of all, with being able to see a spider or an insect at extreme close up.
My bread and butter comes from animal photography, with working with owners and their pets. Cats would be the most challenging, simply because they are a law unto their own. Equine photography is also something that I am involved in and holds great interest.
The rest of my work incorporates commercial, portrait and event photography, which gives me a different kind of excitement.
With commercial work I could be taking pictures of products for a retailer one day and then striking angle shots of the latest car for a dealership the next.
Thanks for spending the time to read about me and I hope you will enjoy following my blog with its posts on a regular basis.


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